According to recent medical research,  chocolate has wonderful benefits for the human body. Who in his right  mind didn’t know this? As a subscriber to the Old England Journal of  Homemade Cures and Potions, I have known for a long time that consuming  chocolate has health benefits. For years, this magazine published many  delicious articles promoting the benefits of chocolate. And I’ve eaten  it all not to mention several boxes of chocolate.

This introduces  me to an unsettling thought. I’m grateful for the advancement of modern  science and medicine, but what I want to know is simply this: If the  medical world was wrong about chocolate, what else are they wrong about?  Could it be that my long-ago suspicions about broccoli are correct? Has  the medical world, which for years boasted of the dietary benefit of  broccoli, been wrong all these years?
With the recent discoveries, I think this is a real possibility.
I’ve  said for years that broccoli is bad for you and chocolate is good for  you. It seems that I have been half right and I suspect that a few more  years will show that I am 100% correct on both issues.
Since I’ve  been right about the chocolate, I’m not going to risk being wrong with  the broccoli. I propose to eat as much chocolate as possible and avoid  broccoli in each and every one of its forms.
In light of these  recent discoveries about chocolate, I thought I’d lend my expertise on  how to eat chocolate. Because many people have been under the illusion  that chocolate was unhealthy for so long, most people do not know how to  eat it.
I offer myself as an expert in the art of eating chocolate and I have the empty boxes to support my boast.
Before  I give my tips on how to eat chocolate, let me tell you that the  chocolate chip cookie is the basic host of chocolate for the beginner  who eats chocolate. Each chocolate chip cookie carries the right amount  of chocolate for the person who was denied chocolate all these years.
So,  start with a chocolate chip cookie to make sure you’re on the safe side  of this issue. To find the proper number of cookies, take your weight  divided by your height (in inches) and multiplied by your age. This  formula never fails.
Because chocolate is a fairly new food  category for most people, let me offer you some tips to start the  wonderful discovery of the world of chocolate.
1. When you start  eating chocolate, be sure to eat one bite at a time. This is important.  Don’t be tempted to take double or triple bites when starting out. In  the future, as you become more adapted to your chocolate intake, you may  develop into this facet of your chocolate intake.
2. If you have  a wrapped chocolate bar, remember, you must unwrap it and let it  breathe like fine wine. Many people give in to the temptation to open a  chocolate bar and immediately take a bite. This is bad. Chocolate is  delicate and must be nurtured carefully to enjoy its flavor to the  fullest for the longest period of time.
3. When it comes to  chewing chocolate, a person must be very careful. Each bite of chocolate  should be chewed no less than 12 times out of respect for the cocoa  bean that was sacrificed for its delicious delicacy.
Eating  chocolate is a slow, reverent, and loving experience. Perhaps the reason  why many thought that chocolate was not good for a person is that they  ate it too quickly.
I once tried to chew a chocolate bar only 11  times and choked. I learned my lesson the hard way and now I fully  respect the delicate nature of chocolate.
4. One last piece of  advice that I think is very important. Chocolate should always be eaten  when you are alone for one very important reason. When a person eats  chocolate, the maximum concentration of it should be in the process of  eating and enjoying the rich chocolate flavor. Any distraction, even the  presence of a loved one, derails the entire experience.
When you stop to think about this whole chocolate thing, it’s almost like a religious experience.
As  religious experiences progress, the only genuine experience centers on  knowing God, as he wants to be known. When it comes to religion, most  people rush in without much thought. And, of course, they never get to  experience the full benefit of their religious experience.
David  understood this concept when he wrote: “Be still, and know that I am  God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the  earth.” (Psalm 46:10 KJV.)
In this rat race of the world, it is  almost impossible to find the time or place to stand still enough to  truly experience the presence of God. We have time for everything but  this.
Perhaps God gets a bad rap from people for the same reason  that chocolate had a bad rap for many years. To really know chocolate is  to love chocolate.

I honestly believe the same can be said of  God. For the person who takes the time to get to know God, he begins to  understand God and consequently loves God